As your future Town Council member, my priorities are:

Our Town Economy - Essential Formula for Success

My commitment and passion to town government complemented by 38 years as a financial manager and business owner attest to my ability to provide fiscal transparency.

  • Develop an innovative, flexible and sustainable plan.
  • Engage our town business owners and community.
  • Formulate solutions to alleviate hardship and curtail the effects of the pandemic.
  • Set sights to restore business and residents’ economic vitality.
  • Monitor and report measurable goals and achievements.


Our Neighborhoods - Preserving the Beauty and Charm 

We live in a beautiful town. We cannot take it for granted. As your councilman, I will work to ensure the ideals that make Los Gatos great are never compromised.

  • Develop a comprehensive town and  business parking plan.
  • Assure developments like North 40 optimize and enhance open space, provide affordable housing, parking, freeway access and business opportunities.
  • Minimize the impact of future developments to close proximity of our homes and schools that threatened to alter Los Gatos’ charismatic beauty.

Our History - Protect our Rich Los Gatos History 

We must preserve our historic districts and maintain the charm and character of all neighborhoods while planning for sustainable development.  My eight years of service on the Historic Preservation Committee will help to guide this endeavor.

  • Historic Assets - Examine state and federal funding mechanisms to protect our precious historic assets.
  • Preservation - Review and update our standards and guidelines for historic preservation to assure that our neighborhoods retain their valuable historic charm.
  • Protection - Protect our green hills and open spaces for enjoyment by all.

Our Community

The health, safety and welfare of our citizens is most important. As your councilman I will continue to expand and enhance these vital programs.

  • Safeguard our citizens during COVID-19.
  • Work together to foster and support diversity in our town.
  • Support our town-wide events: arts, music, athletic and service organizations.
  • Protect our green hills and open spaces for enjoyment by all.
  • Preserve Los Gatos historic assets and neighborhoods.