"Los Gatos voters should elect Kane...

Los Gatos needs experienced leaders to meet its challenges. We recommend voters elect Michael Kane...Kane's eight years as a member of the Planning Commission, eight years on the Historic Preservation Committee and experience on the Hillside and Residential Design committees will serve him well in dealing with Los Gatos' land-use and housing issues.  Los Gatos has less remaining open space available to build new housing, and residents are known for fiercely protecting their neighborhoods. Kane's knowledge in both areas would be a plus for the Town Council. So will his business experience...[CEO of his Los Gatos-based investment management company for 38 years], as Los Gatos deals with its projected budget deficit due to the pandemic."


"Vote!!! Kane...The San Jose Mercury's editorial got it right: Los Gatos voters should elect Kane..." to "best represent the town population as a whole...deliver the highest degree of experience when executing Town Policy, Town Character and Future Vision...served as Planning Commissioner...a proven track record of not caving to outside influences and hidden agendas.


Evan Low, California State Assembly member

Ann Ravel, candidate for Member of California State Senate

"During this time of fiscal uncertainty and the need for more affordable housing, we need expertise like Michael’s to find thoughtful solutions."

Barbara Spector, Vice Mayor

Peter Siemens, former Mayor

Sandy Decker, former Mayor

Thomas Ferrito, former Mayor

Brent Ventura, former Mayor

Steve Leonardis, former Mayor 

"Michael Kane has been a respected member of the Los Gatos business community for 38 years.  In addition, Michael has served faithfully on the Los Gatos Planning Commission, Historical Committee, and the General Plan Update.  I was proud to appoint Michael to the Los Gatos Planning Commission on which he twice served as chair, and I am honored to endorse Michael for Los Gatos Town Council."

Thomas O'Donnell, former Planning Commissioner

John Bourgeois, former Planning Commissioner

Michael Burke, former Planning commissioner

Joanne Talesfore, former Planning Commissioner

Kathryn Morgan, former Planning Commissioner

Jeffrey Siegel, President, Los Gatos Historical Society

"I am proud to endorse Michael Kane for Los Gatos Town CouncilAs a local business owner who has given twenty-five years of service to the town of Los Gatos, he is one of those rare gems who gives so much back and is deserving of a special commendation for all that he has already done for our town. All residents of our historic and charming neighborhoods will be well-supported with Michael on the Town Council. Michael will assure that our town moves in the right direction because he cares, listens and will seriously address the wildfire safety issues and support economic vitality initiatives - and much more!"


Ed Rathmann, Owner, Willow Street Pizza,

"Since opening Willow Street Los Gatos in 1993, I have had the good fortune to know Michael Kane, on both a personal and business level. I have long found him to possess an uncommon commitment to our town and our business community. His countless hours of volunteer work and service have resulted in a unique understanding and a clear vision of how to approach the problems facing Los Gatos both today and in the future. I gladly give him my personal endorsement for Town Council."

Teri Hope, Owner, Los Gatos Roasting Company

"Michael actively contributes to everything that makes Los Gatos the wonderful place we live and he understands the challenges we face.  With his years of experience and demonstrated commitment to our town, he can help us overcome our challenges and plan for success.  I am pleased to endorse Michael for Town Council."

Alex Hult, Owner, Flights

Pete Jillo, Owner, Gardino's Restaurant

Ed Stahl, Owner, Los Gatos Travel Advisors


Lea Berleau

"Michael Kane is one of the finest people I've had the honor to know.  After 22 years, I don't call him a friend, because he has become family.  Michael's incredible work ethic, diligence, patience, and acumen make him the best candidate for town council that Los Gatos could possibly have.  I and several members of my family have literally placed our future in his hands, as our financial advisor and all-around “voice of reason.”  Michael's integrity is above reproach, and that is a rare thing these days.  His love of family, sense of humor, and “can do” spirit add to the list of reasons why Michael Kane has my unqualified endorsement. Vote for Michael Kane for Town Council on November 3rd, and choose the best."

Scott McDonald

As  a Los  Gatos  Resident, I had the pleasure of getting to know Michael several years ago through his service on the Historic Preservation Committee.  Michael was the only member of the committee, who every time my home was on the agenda, took the time to come out and look at my property before every meeting.  He took the time and he took the job seriously.  Just as I know he will with his role on Town Council."

Jim Trembath

JoAnn  Trembath

Joseph Sweeney

Theresa Sweeney

David Stonesifer

Larry Arzie

JB Wood

Paff Wood

Bob Buxton

Susan Buxton

Alan Feinberg

Joan Feinberg

Cindy Schneider

Lainey Richardson

Liza Carter

Scott Carter

Shannon Susick

Jim Susick

Jean Lebante

Janet Goodman

Howard Goodman

Gil Decker

Chris Luder

Donna Luder

Darrell Monda

Dominick De Ranieri

James Russell

Brent Ventura

James Russell


Ira Spector

Andréa Skov

Ginger Taylor McDonald

Frank Belcastro

Patricia Belcastro

Lisa Christmas

Cydney Detlie

Mary Keith Osborn

Tim O’Rorick

Kaye Little

Sally Reagan

Stephanie Adcock

Ilbra Almirkas-Petros

James Pedros

Andrew John Allen

Greg Bridges

Geoffrey Lamb

Mary Ann Lamb

Connie Palladino

Natalie Ladd

Grant Atwell

Diane Price

Gary Barbin

David Weissman

Carol Muser

Mark Muser

Lisa Muser

Cathy Muser

Hal Chase


Monsignor Patrick Brown

Nick Talesfore

Robert Lowe

Pat Tillman

Pauline Ferrito

Tim Lundell

Jim Holliday

William Parkin

Richard Schmidt

Mimi Wainwright

Mark Wainwright

Stan Gum

Cindy Gum

John Hopkins

Valerie Hopkins

Michael Burke

Jennifer Kane

Joanna Kane

Juanita Berlo

Steve Phillips

Mary Ellen Kaschub

Riis Thompson

Diane Siemens

Gina Adams

Pam Murphy

Tim Murphy

Audrey Fox

Larry Fox

Judith Jones