Experience & Leadership

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I moved to Los Gatos four decades ago. I found a Town where neighbors take pride in where they live. I learned it’s the people here who empower town government to ensure a safe community in which to raise a family and build a successful business.

My commitment to Los Gatos government includes Planning Commissioner for 8 years, Chair for two, member of Los Gatos General Plan Committee, Historic Preservation and Conceptual Development Design Committee.I honed my ability to evaluate issues unique to our town. While volunteering in schools, the hospital, and local service organizations I’ve talked with hundreds of people and gained a clear insight for what people want managed in Los Gatos: business vitality, land use and development, traffic and maintaining the welfare of our residents.

My 38 years as a local business owner – financial advisor – brings experience and  leadership to the table. We face complex issues going forward. I am ready to lead.

As a member of the Los Gatos Town Council, my aim is to dialogue WITH YOU to explore new ideas and find solutions. Together, we can assure Los Gatos thrives as the town we all love.

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Virtual Events

Wednesday , October 14: Los Gatos Morning Rotary Club Forum - 5:45PM - click here to register or go to https://portal.clubrunner.ca/4097

Coming soon - Coffee and Candidates interview with Bay Area Political Analyst, Larry Gerston on KCAT: https://www.kcat.org